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Lightful vibration technologies is the system of new WORLD and Human knowledge, as well as methods of recovery of genuine natural interrelations of the WORLD and the Man resulting in recovery of Nature Standards of Man’s health.

Efficiency of Lightful vibration technologies was many times proved by the practices.

The essence of the technology is in its name: All world objects exist in permanent interrelations, sending and accepting corresponding vibrations of each other. Everything vibrates, including every cell of the human body, creating corresponding emissions.

The total emission spectrum which complies with the Nature Standard is present when a man is in the energy state known as universal human values. The man who distorted or lost part of his emission spectrum when he chose consumer attitude to life, be doing this destroyed his connection with the Nature. This had an effect on our health as criteria of life quality.

In the technologies discovered by SKVORTSOV health is positioned as the main condition of fulfillment by the man of his destiny on the Earth.

Lightful vibration technologies render real assistance for the man to fulfill his destiny in the following form:

  1. True knowledge of the WORLD and the man
    True knowledge cures creating a man with integral worldview who consciously strives for creative way of living.
  2. Cognitive and development abilities with the help of vibration pendulous testing. Pendulum is an instrument for health, Cognition, and Development recovery.
  3. Creative Transformation as the process for goal achievement with the help of lightful vibration technologies. A number of printed propolis Converters was developed, action of which is confirmed by laboratory assessments and results of practical application.
  4. ALPAM Products for personal cleaning, recovery, Body renewal, Soul purification, Spirit revival, MIND finding. ALPAM Products are propolis converters containing programs of Nature health Standards for every living being.

According to the knowledge system developed by SKVORTSOV everything on the Earth was created by vibration of particles containing LIGHT.
LIGHT is a sensible substance created by the Sun and Universal flows under the Divine plan. The LIGHT can also be produced by the man having genuine knowledge and carrying on activity
for the sake of WORLD. Human role in the Universe development is based on this: vibration interrelation of harmony emissions of the Universe and the Man is a guarantee of life sustaining and development.

Lightful vibration technologies restore all human inherent emissions, which make it possible to be included into the processes of own life perception, to find strength for radical changes, to feel self-sustained and involved into the World, to feel creative impulse, and self-belief. This allows staying in creative (high-vibration) condition.

Transformation is the greatest discovery of Albert Vasilevich SKVORTSOV.

Transformation makes it possible first of all to recover human energy up to the Nature Standard, as well as surrounding things and objects, his living space – up to substance’s chemical change. “Amazing transformation results are akin to alchemical transformation of hydrargyrum into gold, but we never do this and will never do” – says Albert Vasilevich.

Supreme goal of lightful vibration technologies is inclusion of Earth people into creative Transformation of the World, and we move towards this goal every day, every hour, improving permanently ourselves using Humanity Rebirth technology, human travel towards effulgent condition”. The book of RENOVATION ENERGY.

Converters of lightful vibration technologies are created on the basis of true knowledge of WORLD and Human structure in the condition of complete equilibrium and absence of own desires, emotions, and illusions. There are two types of converters: propolis and printed ones. Propolis converters are the whole spectrum of ALPAM Products: from BAAs to cosmetics line. Printed converters are books, notebooks, averters, golden strips.

Every converter makes energy transformation; that means recovery of energy structure, exchange of destructive energy for Life energy. Converter action is based on Nature mechanisms. Time and experience prove veracity and efficiency of the converters, both propolis and printed ones.

Lightful vibration technologies:

  • Mean recovery and improvement of physical Body, Soul purification, and Spirit revival;
  • Mean good substitution of medical assistance, many times exceeding its potential;
  • Mean health recovery, education, and technical improvement, and quite a new life level – creative;
  • Mean real chance to become happy, healthy, wealthy and to help people;
  • Mean multiple simplification of Man’s path searching and Supreme goal achievement;
  • Mean return of the Man as the Creator of own destiny and Earth planet;
  • Mean protection and conservation of Human life and health, Humanity, and the Earth planet itself;
  • Mean Knowledge reviving and renovating the Man and the Humanity;
  • Mean total change of Earth life and its new turn in development and rise;
  • Mean Great nature potential, safe choice of Human development, effulgent future of the Humanity.


"Main peculiarity of lightful vibration technologies of SKVORTSOV Albert Vasilevich is in the fact that they are built in the WORLD, that they are developing permanently and educate men, and humanity renovating the world.
Lightful vibration technologies are fear clearance including
subconscious, recovery of the Energy system and Human body, Soul purification and SPIRIT revival.

The more sophisticated technologies are, the less are restrictions for their use. During vibration pendulum testing necessary results can be received softener and faster. But, of course, a lot depends on the man himself, his desire to change, be healthier, and become creative.

Products of lightful vibration technologies work equally effective for the man’s physical body – both child and grown-up, for plants and animals. Many wonderful evidences of excellent work of SKVORTSOV’s technologies were collected during last thirty years.


Methods of clearance, recovery, and renovation of the man: use of Converters – products and books, other printed converters, compressors, modified products, numerous products of lightful vibration technologies, up to space and nutritive, as well as use of energy- texturing products.

“Lightful vibration technologies open true vibrations inherent to the Human. In this fact is their exceptional value”.



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