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SKVORTSOV Albert Vasilevich: “ A Man as part of the World ”

Life of every person is unique and wonderful in its own way. But sometimes people come into our world that bring the great gift of discovery, who can change considerably the usual eternity picture, improve relations of the Man with himself and the whole huge World, people giving each of us strive for harmony and ability to find Own Path, and implement own destiny on the Earth.

One of such great persons was Albert Vasilevich SKVORTSOV, Russian physicist, genius inventor, who developed the unique method of health recovery and conservation with the help of lightful vibration technologies.

Albert Vasilevich was born on October 2, 1934 in the city of Isilkul of Omsk region. His father – Vasiliy Mikhalovich - went to the front in winter 1941 and died before the Victory – in April 1945. His mother – Elena Mikhailovna – raised four fatherless children alone.

Albert was congenitally nearly totally deaf: for a long time the boy communicated with himself alone, without communication with boys of the same age, and this influenced a lot his personality preserving to a large extent his unique and peculiar character. After graduating the eighth grade Albert was made a surgery, his hearing recovered. But sometimes after the treatment he became totally deaf for some period of time.

After graduating from the tenth grade Albert left his native city for Sverdlovsk and entered radio-technical faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, and after that he worked in Kazan under appointment.

Very soon Albert Vasilevich proved himself to be talented engineer and inventor: among his elaborations was computer record magnetic system considerably increasing options of such a device. Today such invention would be by right called serious technical innovation, as thanks to it our country had got full-scale middle class computer. Albert Vasilevich invented also broadband electrometric amplifier enabling measurements impossible at other devices. Since 1961 SKVORTSOV worked in Novosibirsk science campus at different institutes and organizations of the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, researched.



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Lightful vibration technologies is the system of new WORLD and Human knowledge, as well as methods of recovery of genuine natural interrelations of the WORLD and the Man resulting in recovery of Nature Standards of Man’s health.

Efficiency of Lightful vibration technologies was many times proved by the practices.

The essence of the technology is in its name: All world objects exist in permanent interrelations, sending and accepting corresponding vibrations of each other. Everything vibrates, including every cell of the human body, creating corresponding emissions.

The total emission spectrum which complies with the Nature Standard is present when a man is in the energy state known as universal human values. The man who distorted or lost part of his emission spectrum when he chose consumer attitude to life, be doing this destroyed his connection with the Nature. This had an effect on our health as criteria of life quality.




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